We offer

Who are we?

Dafterapps is a team of experienced, young professionals: software developers, linguists, enthusiasts of mobile apps and other innovative solutions. We love what we do and we, in fact, do quite a lot.

What do we do?

  • We develop mobile applications (apps).
  • We make sure that each app we develop is intuitive and functional.
  • We develop each app step by step - in line with the policy and image of each company  - starting from the idea and plan, through the prototype, graphics and ending with a final version of the application.
  • Our applications are available for smartphones, tablets, smartwatches and PCs.
  • We adapt websites for mobile devices (responsive web design).
  • We take on even the craziest challenges! 

What does it mean for you?

We will introduce your company into the world of innovative applications  

5 steps to develop an app at Dafterapps

  1. Meeting with us to discuss and analyze your needs
  2. Preparing an application design and presenting it
  3. Work on the application development
  4. Presentation of the product
  5. Application launch


Who can have an app?

An app is for everybody who needs it: small or big company, an individual, a school, an institution, a social initiative, a church, a pharmacy etc.

Why is it a good idea to have an app?

According to statistics, the use of smartphones and tablets is increasing day by day. People at different ages install apps on their phones and tablets. The apps concern different aspects of everyday life.

Once your app is installed, the users may be kept informed about your offers or services through the push notification service.

Selling the app is just one way to make money from it. You can sell in-app services and functions and also advertise your products.

Mobile apps are the most innovative way to make any contents available to the public, to promote your company, to boost popularity. Having an app means your offer is always readily available to clients.

Smartphones are used by approximately 19 million of Poles*. 86% smartphones users consider the apps the most important feature**.


*(data by mobirank.pl)

**(data by dworzynska.com)