Watch Words – learn vocabulary from your Apple Watch

Learn vocabulary in an easy and efficient way. Add a complication to your Apple Watch watch face to display words and learn them by just checking the time.


Learn with Apple Watch!

Learn new words by just checking the time! When you add the Watch Words complication to your watch face, it will immediately start displaying a word and its definition so you will see and revise the word each time you check the time.

Learn words easily and without effort

Words get refreshed every hour so you seamlessly learn 12 hours a day! Learning has never been smoother and more effortless

Learn some Business English

Use pre-defined wordsets: Business English Nouns, Business English Verbs or Business English Adjectives.

Create custom sets of words

Create your own sets of words – do you learn other languages or subjects? Create your own sets and keep learning.

Customize your learning

Decide at what hours the words appear – you start your day early? Start displaying words at 6 or 7am. You start your day later and prefer to be active till midnight? Words can start appearing daily as late as at 11am.

Do you feel that you learn a word if you see it for three days in a row? No problem – decide for how many days should each daily set of words appear. 

Download the app, add a complication and off you go!

Start the learning! Just download the app, select a category, add a complication to your watch face and become a vocabulary master.