Privacy Policy

We do not collect or save any personal information about you or any of the text that you enter or memo you record, nor do we log any passwords or credit card details.
Typing-in password fields is not supported by our keyboards. The device will automatically switch to the built-in system keyboard when entering a password.

Your e-mail address used by you to send us feedback, bug reports or feature requests will be used solely for responding to you. It will not be used for sending advertisements or newletters, nor will it be added to any advertising databases.

When submitting anonymous votes in non-mandatory feature surveys, the following data are collected: the vote, app release version, carrier name, city, country, model, iOS version, manufacturer’s name (hence Apple), region, screen height and width, whether it was sent via WiFi or not.

In rare cases, when an e-mail sent via Say&Go is not delivered, we receive automatic error reports to our e-mail servers. The reports may contain recordings made with the app but the reports are immediately deleted when received without accessing the memos.